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This short film highlights the American College of Sports Medicine Moving Through Cancer Initiative and the goal of making exercise standard of cancer care by 2029. The PAC Lab is striving to reach this goal in Nova Scotia by 2025. 

Have you or a loved one been recently diagnosed  with a gynaecologic cancer?

Learn more about the benefits of exercise for individuals living with gynaecologic cancer from Dr. Saciragic, a gynaecologic oncologist here.

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May B

Lab Schedule

ACCESS, C4C, and RESIST participants are welcome to choose their two weekly

exercise sessions from the blue "Exercise Programs" time blocks

Fitness Tools

Helpful Links

Struggling with  getting active and staying active? Check out some of the great resources offered by our partners at the University of Calgary's Health and Wellness Lab.

Looking for more? Find additional resources at Thrive Health. 

Looking for some exercise reminders? Check out demonstrations of how to perform many of the exercises you've done in the PAC Lab.

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