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Stretching with bands


Project EXCEL will provide a sustainable community or online exercise programs to rural/remote cancer survivors, as well as encourage participants to become life-long exercisers. Exercise is an evidence-based self-management strategy that benefits all cancer survivors. However, most cancer survivors who live in remote or rural places don't have opportunities to be involved in exercise programs that are tailored to their needs.

Living in a rural area can make it challenging to access usual cancer care and especially difficult to access supportive cancer care resources, like community-based exercise programs. Because of this challenge, rural cancer survivors tend to experience more negative effects after treatment (such as lingering symptoms or recurrence of disease) and are overall less healthy than their urban counterparts.

Reaching more rural cancer survivors with this program will enhance cancer survivorship and improve overall fitness and health, as well as provide a support network for participants. Geographical location should not be a barrier to accessing quality cancer care – this study aims to reduce those barriers and improve the lives of rural cancer survivors.

Learn more about EXCEL here

EXCEL is funded by the CCS/CIHR Cancer Survivorship Team Grant.

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